You can share contracts that originate on Outlaw with an unlimited number of external parties at any time, and these individuals can participate fully in contract review, negotiation and signing on the platform.

Sign-on options to fit your deal process

External users can use 3rd party log in (Microsoft SSO, Google, or Facebook account info) to access deals on Outlaw, and if guest signing is enabled users can choose to “Continue as Guest” for one-click access without providing any information. 

Note that "Continue as Guest" is a good option for users who are accessing Outlaw mainly to read and sign a deal. For more complex deal processes that involve using negotiation tools such as red-lining and commenting, 3rd party login is a better option.

Finally, external users may create their own limited, free, Outlaw account by providing a user email and unique password. This is a good option if the user does not have or does not want to use 3rd party accounts to sign in.

Document export for a traditional deal process

If external parties prefer to negotiate and sign using traditional tools (email, scanner, printer) you can export contracts originated on Outlaw to Word or PDF at any time to continue the deal process off-platform:

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