How Does Outlaw Work?
Outlaw transforms your contract process from start to finish.
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Create dynamic templates, generate deals to share and negotiate, then sign and store forever--all on one powerful platform!

Create dynamic templates for a smarter deal process

Outlaw's end-to-end deal process begins with creation of dynamic contract templates. A dynamic template is a generic version of a contract embedded with click-able placeholder fields, where deal-specific information will be filled in each time a new contract is created. Dynamic fields enable advanced features including:


Insert a signature block in your template for secure, legally-binding e-signature.

Special fields

Add dynamic placeholders for lightning-fast, error-free drafting, including special fields for images, tables, encrypted data, drop-down menus and more.

Default values

Default responses auto-fill when a new contract is created, saving time and minimizing errors.

Conditional sections 

Set content to appear in your agreement only if pre-determined conditions are met. Conditional sections streamline your template library and make sure legal content is 100% accurate every time.

Generate, draft, and share contracts in seconds. 

Generate a new contract from one of your dynamic templates in one click:

Complete your draft by clicking on dynamic variable fields to fill in all necessary info:

When the document is ready for review, invite others to view, red-line, edit, and sign, according to user permissions you set and control:

Solo editing or seamless collaboration

Changes you make to a contract update in real-time, with no need to send attachments back and forth! Threaded commenting lets people raise and resolve issues right in the document.

Users can suggest and approve edits, track changes, and restore earlier drafts with best-in-class red-lining and version control tools.

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