The first time you log in, you are prompted to complete three quick account set-up steps, which looks like this:

To complete the steps fill in your Profile (information about you) and a Team (information about your company/organization). All of this information is editable later on. The third step is a quick product demo to explore. Then you're all set! 


After completing account set-up, from now on your dashboard will look like this when you log in:

In the center of the dashboard is your "contract pipeline." This pipeline shows you how many contracts you have in each stage of completion.

The site navigation tabs are listed along the left-hand side of the dashboard, and are described in detail below.


To return to your dashboard at any time, click the "dashboard" icon:

(Clicking the purple Outlaw logo located in the upper left-hand corner of your screen also returns you to the dashboard).

Templates Tab

In this tab you can view a list of templates that exist in the present Team (if you have multiple Teams, you can switch between them by using the drop-down menu at upper left).

From here you may edit, activate/deactivate, or delete templates depending on your member permissions. You can also begin a new template by clicking on the "New Template" button at upper right.

For more information on templates start here.

Contracts Tab

View all of the contracts you are currently working in your Contracts tab. This includes contracts in all phases, from setup to completed (signed).

Open a contract by clicking on it in the list. When a contact is "done" it can be archived to keep the contracts list uncluttered with completed work. 

To generate a new contract, click the purple "New Contract" button at upper right.  NOTE: contracts can only be created from templates set to "active."

For more information about contracts, start here.

Teams Tab

The Teams tab is where details about the organization that owns this work space can be viewed, and where these details can be edited by those with proper permissions. 

The Teams tab is also where authorized users of this work space are listed. Users with access to admin controls ("Owners") can manage the Team's members here, including adding or removing users and adjusting their "roles" so that each member has the appropriate level of access to shared documents.

Account Information

Information about you and your account is found in the drop down menu at upper right, where your user email appears.


Your Profile contains information about you, such as full name, email address, title, etc. A complete Profile makes sharing contracts with teammates and external parties a breeze, and when you are the signer on a contract Outlaw can pull information from your Profile directly into a signature field for lightning fast closing.


Clicking on this tab logs you out and brings you back to Outlaw's homepage. To maintain security of your documents, we recommend logging out of your Outlaw account whenever you leave your work station.

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