Creating and editing templates is a snap once you've learned the basic features of the template editor!

Creating a new section

To create a new section, place your cursor at the end of the currently-selected section and press "enter."  A new section appears below:  

Each section has two parts:  a "Section title" on the top line where text will format in bold, and a "Section body" below that:

Pressing enter drops the line to begin typing the body.  If you don't fill in a title, pressing enter switches the formatting on the top line to body format. Backspacing through all body text switches the formatting of the top line back to section title.

Line Breaks (multiple-paragraph section)

What's the difference between a "section" and a paragraph? They are similar, but template sections are independent of one another.  One result of this is that each new section is understood by the template editor as being the next item in a sequence (if numbering is toggled on).  But sometimes a numbered section should contain multiple paragraphs all grouped under the same item number/letter.  For example: 

To create additional paragraphs within a single section, hold down the Shift key and press Enter. This will introduce a line break (create a new paragraph) without creating a totally new section.

Deleting a Section

To delete an entire section, delete all body text and also delete the section title.  When the entire section is blank, press backspace in the section title line and the section disappears.

Moving Sections

To move sections around use the "up" and "down" arrow buttons on the horizontal tool bar at the top of the template authoring screen.

Select the section you want to move and then click the up or down button to move it.

Numbering and List Levels

Sections are auto-numbered if numbering is on.  To turn numbering off for a section, hit the Numbering toolbar icon:

Each numbered section exists in a "list level," which describes how deeply indented it is within the outline. The more deeply indented a section is, the higher its list level (so major sections are in Level 1, and so on).

Each list level has its own numbering sequence to clearly distinguish sections in that level from sections in other levels.  To change the numbering sequence for a list level, hit the "List" toolbar icon:

Changing List Levels

To move a section into a higher list level, use the "indent" button on the toolbar.  This will indent the section more deeply.

To move a section to a lower list level (to make it less deeply indented) use the "outdent" toolbar button; backspacing will not work.

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