The majority of template text is called "Body" text. To create a body text section, simply press enter.  A new section for body text will appear below, appropriately auto-numbered if numbering is toggled on.

Specialized sections such as Appendices and Signature fields must be added via the "Insert" menu at upper left of the template editor screen:

Adding an Appendix

An Appendix is separated from the body of the contract with a page break, and has independent numbering.

To add an Appendix, click the "Insert" button at upper left and choose "Appendix."  A new Appendix section will appear, default-formatted as "Fixed Content" (described below).  Other Appendix options can be selected by clicking on the arrow at upper right in text box:

Fixed Content

A "Fixed Content" Appendix displays additional contract language set off by a page break, in which a new numbering scheme can be applied (so that list levels defined in the Appendix won't impact the numbering for Body sections):

Payment Schedule

"Payment Schedule" is a second Appendix type, which creates an itemized, custom text block for the purpose of indicating the amount of scheduled payments and when they are due.

Since this deal-specific content will change each time a new contract is generated, it will only be filled in after a contract is created.  In the template, it appears as a placeholder:

To see how the Payment Schedule Appendix will look like in a contract and how this information will be filled in, click the "Preview" icon (upper right hand corner):

Note that it is possible to add multiple items to a Payment Schedule by clicking the "Add Item" button during drafting (you can view/test out this function in "Preview"). 

Custom Text 

The last type of Appendix is "Custom Text,"  which works similarly to "Payment Schedule." It is also for content that will be filled in once a new contract generates, and also creates placeholders in the template, which you can view and test in "Preview" as described above.  

A Custom Text Appendix is meant for longer, free-form text entry, making it flexible for the addition of many different types of text-based content:

Linking Appendix Sections

When a placeholder for Appendix content appears in the Overview (for Payment Schedule or Custom Text), a message appears in red at the bottom saying it requires a link to an Appendix Section. This is a reminder to "link" this Overview section to its corresponding full-text section.

To create a link, first click the applicable Overview section so that this section is selected (outlined in gray).  Then, in the full-text side of the editor (left hand side), hover cursor on the section that corresponds to the selected Overview text.  A link icon appears.  Click the link icon.  Now the section will appear highlighted in blue and is "linked."  To un-link, click the link icon again.

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