What is a Conditional Section?

Conditional sections are portions of contract text set to appear only if conditions determined ahead of time are met. For example, you may set conditional sections in a lease agreement for terms that relate to pets, so that these terms only appear if a pet deposit is being paid.

Why Use Conditionals?

Setting conditionals ensures that all contract language is accurate and relevant without having to manually edit. This also lets you streamline your template library!

How Conditionals Work

Conditional sections appear when a predetermined response is supplied for a specific dynamic variable. We'll call this variable the "determining variable" because it determines whether the conditional content appears or not.

The determining variable must be formatted as a "list" (a drop down menu). In the above example of pets on a lease, the determining variable could be something like "pet deposit" and the possible responses in the list would be "Yes" and "No":

Pet-related terms could then be set as conditional, so that when filling out the contract selecting "Yes" for the "pet deposit" variable triggers these sections to appear. If the answer to the determining variable is changed to "No," these conditional sections disappear and subsequent terms automatically re-number appropriately.

Set Conditional Sections

Conditionals are set at the template level, which means they are defined before a new contract is created. Once conditions are set for a template, all new contracts created from this template include the intended behavior.

In a template, identify the section you want to set one or more conditions for. Click on the section to select it, then click the "Manage Conditions" icon:

From the drop down menu, select the determining variable for this conditional section (all "list" format variables that exist in the template will be given as options). In the present example, "Pet Deposit" is the determining variable:

Finally, select the response for this variable that will trigger inclusion of the section:

To update conditions applied to a section, select different responses (check boxes); your changes will be saved automatically.

Conditions based on multiple variables

Conditions can be based on more than one determining variable. To use the previous example, perhaps pets are only permitted on condo leases, but not apartment or townhouse leases. In that case, a second determining variable, "Dwelling Type," could be identified by selecting a new variable from the drop down menu and setting an appropriate response for this second variable:

Remove condition from a section

To remove a condition, click the "Trash" icon to delete this conditional setting:

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