When you open the template editor, one of the first things you notice is that the screen is divided in half, with a full-text editor appearing on the left and an Overview editor on the right.  

The full-text editor is where all of the deal content goes; it's what becomes the contract.  The Overview is where you can highlight important deal information and put legal jargon into plain English--but it's way more than a summary.  

Outlaw creates the smoothest, most intuitive deal flow when an Overview is included, and when it contains all elements present in the full contract (click here to learn more about elements).  In fact, much of Outlaw's functionality depends on Overviews: 

1. Share prompting

When someone receives a contract on Outlaw, the Overview is the first thing they see when they click the link sharing the contract in their email.  So if the Overview is blank or incomplete, this will be very confusing to your recipient, who may think they've been sent a blank contract, or fail to realize that there is information they are responsible for filling in.

Blank or incomplete Overviews can also be misleading to the sender of a contract because Outlaw prompts sharing once all elements present in the Overview are filled in.  So if an Overview is left blank or includes only some (but not all) elements, this prompting could incorrectly seem to indicate that the document is complete and ready to share when it is not.  

2. Lightning-fast, error-free drafting

If the Overview does include all of the elements present in the full contract, senders and recipients can see at-a-glance all of the information that needs to be filled out to complete drafting.

Open elements are hyperlinked in blue, and blue "task" tabs to the left of each Overview section containing open elements make it clear where responses are still needed.

Most importantly, when elements are filled-in within the Overview, they auto-fill in the full contract text!  This makes it possible to draft an entire agreement in seconds, and nearly impossible to accidentally share an incomplete draft.

3. Section Linking

Most Overview sections relate to content present in the full contract.  So Outlaw lets you link related sections together, so that you can easily refer back to the contract full-text while looking at the Overview.  Once sections have been linked, clicking on an Overview section reveals the corresponding full-text sections underneath for instant reference! 

Click here to learn how to link Overview sections.

4. Transparency is good business 

In addition to including all contract elements, the Overview is a great place to translate your deal's legalese into plain English. 

Overviews are also a place where you can give directions for filling out the legal documents and forms attached, provide information about how much time each step may take, and offer answers to other common questions.  The recipient will love this, and you will be spared the delays that result from incomplete or incorrect paperwork!

No, Overviews are not legally required; but we believe transparency improves your deal flow, which is why we built this feature into our platform!

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