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What is a "license"? How many do I need?
What is a "license"? How many do I need?
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Ready, Set, Collaborate!

A license is required to create a user account connected to your organization's shared work space on Outlaw's platform. 

Each individual needs a user account to participate in any phase of the deal process (from template creation to contract generation through signing) and to access their personal contract "inbox," where deals they are involved in or responsible for are stored.

How many licenses do we need?

A subscription to Outlaw should include licenses to cover all of the people within an organization who participate in any aspect of the contract process, including:

  • drafting and updating templates; 

  • generating, editing, and submitting contracts; 

  • signing contracts; and

  • anyone who performs an oversight or approval role for any part of this process.

Our Sales experts can help you identify the appropriate number of licenses for your team--so book a demo today!

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