Filling in the open elements in an overview auto-fills these elements in the full contract, which makes drafting lightning fast!  But a single document can contain dozens of elements:  how can you be sure you've added all of them to the overview?

If elements are present in the full-text of the template (left-hand side) but have not been added to the overview side yet, an alert appears above the overview stating how many elements are missing:

How do you know which elements those missing ones are?

All elements present in a template are listed in the toolbar running across the top of the template editor screen:

When an element has been added to the overview, it has a white background as seen in the image above. If the element still needs to be added to the overview, it will brighten to lavender or blue (depending on the type of element), providing a quick visual cue for which elements still need to be added to the overview.

Is including all elements in the overview required?

No--it is possible to send and sign contracts on the platform even if some or all elements are absent from the overview.  That said, we recommend creating a complete overview for each of your documents!  This article explains why :)

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