Secret Elements
Protect sensitive information like bank account and credit card numbers with "secret" elements.
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"Secrets" are a type of "element" (dynamic fill-able field) that can be added to a contract template. This article describes what is unique about Secrets; to learn about elements in general, check out this article.

What's special about Secrets?

Secrets encrypt sensitive information a party wants to remain private until a contract is done (signed by all parties), such as bank account and credit/debit card numbers.

How do Secrets work?

Secrets can only be filled in by their assigned party (unlike other elements, which may be filled in by their assigned party or anyone with Editor/Owner status).  

Once the assigned party fills in a Secret, it will appear to all users as a series of dots, like this:

If a user not from the assigned party attempts to view and/or edit its contents, they will not be able to, and will see the following message:

Users who are associated with the assigned party can click on the Secret to view and edit the information:

When the contract is complete

After a contract is signed by everyone on the deal, the contents of a Secret is visible to all parties.  

Note:  Secrets are only visible when viewing a complete contract on Outlaw's platform.  In PDF versions of a contract this information will continue to appear as encrypted (a series of dots), adding an additional layer of privacy and security for sensitive information.

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