First, click the contract sharing link, which you may have received in an email notification or as a URL. You will be re-directed to a sign on screen where you can choose a sign on method from these options:

  • 3rd party log in with Microsoft SSO, Google, or Facebook account info
  • Create your own limited, free, Outlaw account by providing a user email and unique password.
  • If guest signing is enabled, you can “Continue as Guest” for one-click access without providing any information.

"Continue as Guest" is a good option if you are accessing Outlaw mainly to read and sign a deal. For more complex deal processes where you'll be using the platform to negotiate terms, 3rd party login or free account creation are better options.

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Contact us for assistance during business hours (US-EDT) by clicking the purple speech bubble icon at bottom right corner of the screen--we'll get back to you asap!

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