1. Does the email you're signing in with match the email you were invited with?

Confirm with the person who shared the contract with you which email address they used to invite you with. Then try signing in with that email address.

2. Are you accessing this contract for the first time?

If you see "no deal," you may have viewed this contract previously using a different log in method than the one you are currently trying.  For example, maybe you logged in with Google the first time, and now you are trying to log in as a Guest. 

If you remember how you logged in previously, try that method again.  

3. If you try the above this and still see "no deal" follow these steps in order:  

  • Delete the email notification you received--this "Review Contract" link is no good and will continue to bring you to a dead end.
  • Then ask the person who shared the contract with you to remove you from the contract and then re-add you to it, in order to reset your sharing access.
  • You will receive a new email notification or contract sharing link. Open this link in an incognito/private window. This is necessary because web browsers often store data which could cause you to be routed through the old, broken path to the deal. Opening your new contract sharing link in an incognito/private window ensures that you get routed through a new log in path.
  • Log in using your preferred method, ensuring that the email address matches the address you were invited with.
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