Who can fill in elements?
This article explains who can fill in dynamic "element" fields when completing a contract.
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Elements are dynamic fill-able fields that appear in contracts, which are defined during template creation. This article explains who can fill in these fields when completing a contract.

1. Any user on a contract with Editor or Owner permission.  

To adjust a user's permission so they can fill in all elements, open the Manage Users panel at upper right of contract screen and use the drop down menu to select the proper permission level:

2. Users an element is "assigned" to

During template creation, an element can be "assigned" to users on a particular side of the deal. This is useful if the counter-party needs to fill in specific pieces of information but should not have permission to edit the entire document.

Note that the decision to assign an element to a specific party is made during template creation, not after a contract has been generated. Click here to learn how to assign elements.

3. Signers for both Parties can edit their personal and company information

Party elements don't need to be specifically assigned. Anyone signing a deal can edit their own information by clicking on their Party element anywhere in the contract text or overview:

Dynamic Elements Make Outlaw Tick!

When you know how elements work, you can do amazing things with Outlaw:  add images and dynamic tables to contracts, create drop down menus, and even set up "conditional" sections that appear only when certain conditions in your deal are met.

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