When certain people always have to be added to a particular contract (for example, the Signer on your side of the deal, or a supervisor who has to give an "OK"), Auto-Include lets you skip manually adding those Users to each new deal. 

Recall that the manual process for adding Users to a contract involves filling in Party elements and/or entering Users directly in the Users Panel.  Auto-Include cuts out this process for specified Users, so they appear in a contract the moment it's created.

Set up Auto-Include for a template 

In a template, open "Settings" (icon at upper right).  

With template Settings open, click the "Users" tab (at center).  Notice that you and all of your Team members are listed at left.  Click the name of each Team member you want to Auto-Include on contracts from this template:

Set User Roles and Permissions

Once a User has been added, you can further specify their Party (if any) and their Role (their permission/access level) on contracts from this template:

Users appear in all new contracts!

Once Users have been Auto-Included at the template level, they now automatically appear in the Manage Users panel for any newly-generated contracts, and Users added as Signers auto-populate Party fields in contract/overview text:

Remove Users from Auto-Include

If your workflow or staffing changes and you no longer want a User to be Auto-Included on deals, simply re-open template settings and hit "Remove" next to their User entry:

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