Get Ready for a "Round-Trip!"

If you started a contract on Outlaw and then exported it to Word at some point, you can import changes made in Word back on to Outlaw's platform and continue working on the document there--it's kind of like magic!

To import your changes, simply open the contract in Outlaw (remember: the contract must have originated on Outlaw--you won't be able to import a document started in Word), click the three dots at upper right of contract screen, and choose "Import changes":

When the Word document is uploaded, Outlaw quickly evaluates what's changed since you last worked on the document:

If you want Outlaw to translate changes made in Word into red lines to be reviewed and approved by other users, maintain the default "Redlining" setting (keep box checked). 

If you want to absorb all changes made in Word without requiring any review by other users, un-check the "Redlining" box.

Welcome Back! We Missed You :)

Now you've got an updated contract on Outlaw, which you can continue negotiating or move right into e-signing if it's getting to be that time.

It's great to have you back -- happy closing!

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