1. Create New Contract

To begin working on a new deal navigate to "Contracts" tab and then click "New Contract."

2. Contract Set Up

Fill in all dynamic elements (blue click-able fields) in contract text.  Example: annual starting salary:

"Parties" are a special kind of element where information for individuals who are signing the document get filled in.  

Note that the counterparty can fill in/edit their own Party information, but can not edit the rest of the document unless you give them access to do so.

Note:  if a feature called "Auto-Include" has been activated, you won't have to fill out the Party element for your company's side of the deal because that information will populate as soon as the agreement is created.  To learn about activating or adjusting this setting, click here.

3. Share deal with others in Manage Users Panel

The Manage Users Panel is where you go to share a contract with someone--including the counterparty when it's time for them to review and sign the document.  

The panel opens at upper right of the contract screen (person icon). Once you've opened the panel, you can share the contract with a user already listed there, add a teammate (someone in your organization), or add a new user external to your organization.

This is also where you can re-share a contract if someone deletes an email invitation or loses track of a share link, edit or remove user information, and adjust user permissions.T

To learn more about sharing, adding users, and adjusting permissions, click here.

4. E-Sign!

Once all dynamic fields are filled in and both sides have reviewed the full contract, parties can sign when ready; simply click on the appropriate e-signature field:

Every deal process is unique!

Outlaw has a ton of features for negotiating your deal:  red-lining, commenting, internal approval workflows, and more!  Click the links to learn more about some of the ways to close better and faster with Outlaw.

Questions? Live chat us!

Reach Customer Success during business hours by hitting the dialogue bubble at lower right of the Outlaw screen:

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