Welcome, Contract Recipient!  

If you're here, someone probably shared a contract with you on Outlaw.  This article describes what you need to know in order to access, negotiate and sign contracts on this platform.  For help, click the purple chat bubble at lower right to ask a question!

Accessing a Contract

After clicking the contract sharing link (this might be in an email invitation), choose your sign on method:

  • 3rd party log in with Microsoft SSO, Google, or Facebook account info
  • Create your own limited, free, Outlaw account by providing a user email and unique password.
  • If guest signing is enabled, you can “Continue as Guest” for one-click access without providing any information.

Note that "Continue as Guest" is a good option if you are accessing Outlaw mainly to read and sign a deal. For more complex deal processes, 3rd party login or free account creation are better options.

Reviewing a Deal

Once you land on the deal, review it carefully and complete any information you are responsible for supplying (click blue hypertext to fill in this info). 

If the deal includes an "overview" layer, make sure to hit the toggle button at top center of the screen to review full contract text in addition to the overview.

Sharing a Deal

On Outlaw, contracts are shared rather than sent; if you want to give someone in your organization the ability to review this document, you can share it with them by clicking the person icon at upper right, and then the "Add User" button:

Once you enter a teammate's email address, choose to send them an invitation to the contract via email or by generating a sharing link (note that sharing links are one link per person; this link will only be good for this specific user).

You can also export the document to Word or PDF if you'd prefer to continue working on it with traditional tools. To export, click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the contract screen and choose Export:


If you have a question or comment to make on anything in the document, you can click the "Comment" bubble that appears to the right of contract text in order to leave a note for other people shared on this deal:

Note: leaving a comment does not modify the document in any way; comments are not part of the contract's version history and will not be incorporated into an executed agreement.


If the person who shared this deal with you has given you the ability to suggest changes, you will be able to create and review red lines. Click the three dots at upper right of any contract section to propose changes:

Create red lines by adding and deleting text. Hit the "Notify" button so others know you've proposed changes that require review:

Hit "Submit" to save your proposed changes.

To approve or reject a red line created by someone else, click the contract text to activate the review window and then click each highlighted section of text to either "approve" or "reject" the edit (and then hit Submit to save!)

Closing Time!

When all negotiation points are resolved, tap to legally e-sign this deal when ready. 

Note that your signature can be cleared as long as the other side has not signed yet. Once both parties have signed, the document is considered fully executed and legally binding.

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