You can export a document that originated on Outlaw to PDF or DOCX any time.

To export a contract, click the ••• in the upper right-hand corner of the top bar and choose Export as...

Upload New Deal Version

Owners can upload the latest version of a contract any time by opening the Versions panel at upper right and clicking "New Version":

Here, you can upload the most recent version of a deal so that everyone shared on the contract can see which version is the most current, and can download that latest version to continue working on it using their preferred tools.

Click here to learn how to maintain version history for uploaded documents.

Contract Signing and Storage Options

Whether you want to sign the final version of a contract on Outlaw or use a different signing method, Outlaw has tools to support your desired workflow!

E-Sign a Re-Imported Contract on Outlaw

Once the contract is ready for signature, one or both parties can sign using Outlaw's PDF E-signature tool.

Upload Mutually Executed Agreement for Secure Storage

Don't want to sign on Outlaw? No problem. Simply bring the final version of a contract onto the platform by uploading the mutually executed document as the latest version in the Contract Versions panel.

This ensures completeness of your contract repository, and makes it possible to capture and report on meta data associated with the contract.

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