No template, no problem!

Much of Outlaw's magic comes from the ability to create dynamic templates, which provide bullet-proof repeat-ability in contract generation and set up. But we know many of your deals don't start from templates. In these cases, new contract generation options offer a streamlined path to deal creation for documents that originate elsewhere ("buy-side" or 3rd party paper), or originate with you but are for one-time use.

How it Works

In the Contracts Tab, click "New Contract" and then choose Upload to begin from an existing .docx file, or choose "Blank" to start a deal from scratch:

An uploaded or from-scratch document will not include any dynamic fields for collection of meta data or eSign capability, but if you wish to include these dynamic features they can be rapidly added using the streamlined contract setup tool. 

Click highlighted yellow fields to define variables and plug in the correct values for this contract:

To create dynamic fields that are not already suggested in yellow highlighting, quick-add Party and Variable elements in the Elements Panel, which opens at upper left of screen.

If you want to eSign this contract on Outlaw, don't forget to Insert a signature field:

If you do not wish to eSign or collect meta data on this contract, you can skip the above process. In either case, when set-up is complete click "Edit in Flow" to move to the next step. 

In "flow" mode, you can access Outlaw's full range of collaborative workflow and document editing tools (choose "Review" stage), skip to eSigning (choose "Sign") or move the deal directly to storage/export (choose "Done"):

If at any point you want to add additional dynamic features such as eSigning capability or fields to collect metadata, simply revert back to set up:

Full Visibility for Every Contract 

Deals created via upload/from-blank are added to your contract inbox, where they are fully searchable just like your other deals, but are clearly marked to distinguish them from template-based contracts:

Be a Beta Tester!

Please note that this feature is in beta -- we are still developing it, and your feedback will help us improve these new options. So please share your thoughts with us!

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