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What does it mean to "share" a contract?
What does it mean to "share" a contract?
On Outlaw you don't "send" contracts to people, you share them!
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Sending is Ending; Sharing is Caring!

Like the social media and productivity platforms we use every day (think Facebook, Googledocs, etc.), Outlaw provides a digital location people can visit to view shared content and, with permission, modify it. 

In other words, users go to the content rather than it coming to them. So when you share a contract with someone on Outlaw, you're giving them access to a shared location where content lives--kind of like leaving someone a spare key under your welcome mat!

One big advantage of sharing over sending is that changes made by users are reflected in real time, giving other users up-to-date information. As a result, people on both sides of a deal resolve issues and take appropriate next steps more quickly and with fewer errors. Everyone wins!

When Should a Contract be Shared?

Contracts can be shared any time, but it makes most sense to share a contract with someone whenever you would normally send it to them:  typically when they need to review, approve, or sign it. 

And since Outlaw contracts update in real time, once you've shared a contract with someone, you don't need to re-share it with them every time the document changes. People with access to a contract can continue to visit it (until you say otherwise), which removes many of the bottlenecks we frequently see in the contract process.

At certain times, Outlaw prompts you to share (such as when all dynamic elements have been filled in) but this is only a suggestion. You do not have to share it at this time, and you can also share it before or after this prompting.

How do I Share a Contract?

For step-by-step instructions on contract sharing click here.

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