Why is the end of company name cut off?
To display the full legal name of a company/organization apply "Legal Name" formatting.
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The default display for Party elements is a shortened form of company name, where identifiers such as "LLC" or "Inc" are removed.  This shortened company name will show up in contracts unless formatting is applied to display the full legal name entered in the "Company Name" field:

Format element to display "Legal Name"

In the above example, if "Outlaw Inc." is entered in the Company Name field, the default display will show up as simply "Outlaw."  To display the full legal name of a company, apply formatting to display the "Legal Name" property for this element. 

To do this, in the template click on the element and select the "Legal Name" option from the Display Name drop down menu:

Note that the above action is taken in the template. Once this formatting is applied in a template, the Legal Name property will be displayed in contracts:

Note:  this formatting process can be applied to display any of the available element properties, including business address and name of authorized signer.

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