Because Party information is not automatically collected for uploaded documents, if you want to capture details such as the name of the company a deal is with (and we highly suggest that you do!), you need to supply this information after upload.

The major benefit of capturing this info is that it enables you to quickly locate this document in the future by using the Party search filter.

Associate Contract with an Existing Template

Before you can fill in Party info for a particular contract, you'll need to associate the uploaded document with an existing template. This is because Parties are template-specific (for instance, a Vendor agreement has "Company" and "Vendor" parties, while an Offer Letter has "Employer" and "Employee" parties).

To associate the uploaded document with an existing template, open the Variables panel (lightning bolt icon at upper right) and select the relevant template:

You may choose to fill in data for variable fields (such as "Effective Date" or "Term") here, or skip right to supplying Party information.

Supply Party Information

To supply Party information, first add a user to the contract. You may never share the contract with this user, but creating the user allows you to supply the Party info you want to capture.

Open the Manage Users panel (person icon at upper right) and add a new user, choosing the "Add before sharing" option.

Click the dots next to the new user's name and choose "Edit" to fill in the Party information you want to capture (for example, Company Name and Address). Note that a signer name and email are required here; if you don't intend to share the contract with this user, you can enter placeholder info for these required fields.

Then, select this user's Party from the first drop-down menu under their name:

Once a Party is selected from this drop down menu, the information you've entered is attached to the document and you will be able to search for this contract using the Party search filter in your contract repository.

Benefits of supplying Party info for uploaded documents

The major benefit of supplying Party information for uploaded documents is that it makes it easy to find this deal later in your contract repository.

For example, if you have numerous deals with a counterparty named "Biogen Analytics, Inc." some of these deals may be on your paper (generated from an Outlaw template) and some may be on their paper (3rd party), but you want to be able to easily and quickly pull up all of the deals with this counterparty using the Party search filter.

By following the directions in this article, you ensure that all deals with a particular counterparty are searchable and easy to locate when you need to them.

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