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How to remove PDF encryption
How to remove PDF encryption
Outlaw does not support uploading encrypted PDF files. Use one of these methods to unlock and ensure your file is uploaded correctly.
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Are you seeing this error message when trying to upload an external PDF file into your contract repository?

This means the PDF file has been encrypted with a password. The PDF's password must be unlocked and removed before you can upload the file into your Outlaw environment.

If you have the authorization to remove the PDF file's encryption, below are the most common ways to unlock and remove its password:

How to: Using Mac OS, Preview

On a Mac, using the Preview tool, follow these steps to unlock and save:

  1. Using your Mac's Finder tool, locate the PDF file and open it by double-clicking it to open in Preview.

  2. Enter the PDF's password to unlock it.

  3. Once the PDF file is unlocked, select 'File' > 'Export as PDF'.

  4. Provide the PDF file a name and saved destination, then select > 'Save'.

How to: Using PC, Adobe Acrobat

On a PC, using Adobe's Reader DC, follow these steps to unlock and save:

  1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat's Pro DC and enter the password to unlock the file.

  2. Once opened, click on the 'Lock icon', on the lefthand side and under 'Security Settings'. Select > 'Permission Details'.

  3. Select > 'Security' and set 'Security Method' to 'No Security'. Select > 'OK' to remove the password.

  4. Next, select 'File' > 'Save'. The PDF file is now saved without any password protection.

For more help using the Adobe Reader DC, see Adobe Acrobat's User Guide: Remove password security.

How to: Using Google Chrome

On PC or Mac, follow these steps using Google Chrome to unlock and save:

  1. Open the PDF file on Google Chrome.
    On Mac - double tap (control + select) PDF > 'open with' > 'Google Chrome'
    On PC - right-click PDF > 'Properties' > select 'Google Chrome' > select 'OK'

  2. When opening, you will be prompted to unlock the PDF by entering in the password. After entering the password, your PDF file will be unlocked.

  3. Save the PDF file by giving the print command on your computer.
    On Mac - use the 'Command' + P keys
    On PC - use the 'Ctrl' + P keys
    On Chrome Browser - select 'File' > select 'Print...'

  4. Set the Destination as Save as PDF and select 'Save'. This will locally save the PDF file on your computer, and you will be able to access it without entering the password. *Note* This method works on other browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Opera, among others.

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