One of the biggest benefit a CLM offers is helping you keep track of key contract lifecycle data and events so that you can see at a glance which contracts are in Signing, which are coming due for expiration, renewal, or other important contractual obligations, or anything else about your contract universe you want to track.

Outlaw lets you capture all of these events and tracking metrics via fully configurable dashboard reports, which live inside your Outlaw account in the Dashboard tab:

Set Up Email Notifications for Dashboard

In addition to viewing reports on your Dashboard, you can also opt-in to receive reports directly to your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

This way, critical contract milestones and key data contained in your Dashboard reports is at your fingertips without having to log in -- the data comes right to you!

To set up notifications, navigate to your Dashboard and click the envelope icon:

From there, you can configure the frequency, day, and time for your email notifications:

After configuring your notification schedule, you will receive email digests on the selected day and times. Emails summarize dashboard reports and link directly back to Outlaw so that you can easily follow up on any important next steps:

You can adjust report notification schedule or turn notifications off altogether using the envelope icon on your Dashboard at any time.

Note: email notifications are not yet available for Team reports. Only reports on your personal "My Dashboard" will be included in digest emails.

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