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What is a Theme?

We know templates are a huge time-saver — standardizing repeatable documents, eliminating tedious, manual adjustments. But we also know you want to match the style of your templates to your different customer types, stakeholders and company brand. You can now easily apply different styles, “Themes” to your templates and contracts to fit your company’s needs.

In the Outlaw Theme library, two default themes are available:

  • Outlaw — this is the default theme and it has been designed to optimize your on-screen view.

  • Traditional — for more readability on paper, the Traditional theme was stylized for viewing on printouts. (Times New Roman, 12 point)

Custom themes for your team

Custom themes can be created for your team, reach out to your account manager.

Applying a Theme to a Template

To apply a theme to a template, first go to the template editor and follow the usual process of creating a new template or editing an existing template. If using an existing template, the template can be at any stage (Draft, Active).

Next go to your side panel and navigate to the Page tab. In the Theme library, you can select and toggle between the two themes.

Applying a Theme to a Contract

If there’s a specific document you want to apply a theme towards, you can format at the contract level. This will not change the template the contract is associated with and will only alter the style for this instance.

In the top right navigation bar, select the three dots and go to Settings.

Navigate to the Page section. In the Theme library, you can select and toggle between the two themes.

Note: You will only get access to Settings if you are an owner of the contract. Check the different roles and users permissions here.

contract management: adding styles
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