The new Outlaw functionality of adding in user-generated Block & List sections within the Flow Module allows for further customization and styling of Contracts.

For more information on how Block & List sections can be linked to the Overview, please navigate to our Overview article here!

When do I use Block & List section?

A Block or List section should be used when that section will differ every time a templated contract is generated. Block & Lists allow for users within the Flow module to insert text pertinent to that specific contract instance vs being required to use pre-determined text that was created in Draft. List section functions the same as Block by stylistically allows for information to be inserted in a listed format.

Add a Block & List section type:

Within Draft Module, navigate to your “Add New Section Icon” and Select either the Block or List section type. You will see that these are categorized as "User-generated" sections.

Customize a Block section:

When a Block Section is selected, a window will appear where you are able to give a unique name to this section, designate if an assignment is needed, mark the field as required and choose to enable redlining or not. These characteristics will impact the usability of the section within the Flow Module.

Customize List section:

When a List Section is selected, you will again get a window to customize the style of the list. Options for section name, assignment, section requirement and redlining will be available as well as the ability to have users clear the entire list, indent the list items and update titles for each list item. Additionally, you will also be able to customize the Numbering.

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