With our new Connected Variables, you will have the ability to pull in fields directly from your Filevine sections into live documents.

☎️ For more information on how to enable Filevine Document Assembly, please reach out to your Data Operations Consultant or your Account Manager.

Adding in Connected Variables within Draft

To add in a connected variable, use the [ to pull up the quick select list of variable types. Connected variables will now be available for selection in the drop down menu.

Alternatively, to begin a new connected variable, use the [+ syntax and a list of available Filevine field options will become visible. You are able to type out the relative section and then field to find your desired variable.

Specific to Collection Sections:

Collection Section Tables/Repeater Sections

Adding in Connected Variables within Flow

Connected Variables are also able to be added into generated contracts within the Flow module of Outlaw. To add, simply type the [ and select the "Connected" variable option. When you add in your connected variable, you will see that the information from Filevine will flow into your generated contract and update in real time.

Setting Sync Options

With Connected Variables comes the ability to Remote Sync between Outlaw and Filevine. Please see the following article to read more on sync options and setting to ensure data integrity between Filevine & Outlaw.

Connect Variables - Lists

Within Filevine, there is the ability to label contact cards with a specific Contact Type and thus group together plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys etc. Now, with connected variables, it is possible to pull in these lists of individuals related to a specific Filevine Project.

Within Filevine:

Contacts are categorized and grouped together using contact types. The below GIF shows our two Attorneys for this case.

Within Outlaw:

To pull in all of the contacts associated with a specific contact type for a project, use Connected List Variables. Start by using the [and then searching the desired contact type. This variable will be designated with the _list at the end.

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