Bulk signing can be incredibly beneficial when needing to quickly execute multiple contracts at once. Follow the below steps to learn how to sign multiple contracts at once within Outlaw.

Step 1: Ensure template has valid signature fields. To add in signature fields, select the "Signature" section type under the section menu and add to your contract.

Step 2: Confirm that you are auto-included on the template and set to a party (signer) for all templates that you wish to sign.

Step 3: Within the contract repository, select each contract that you would like to sign in bulk. Once selected, tap the "Sign contracts" option in the dropdown. Your signature will be applied to all selected contracts.

Things To Note...

Note #1: Selecting contracts that you're not a signer (assigned to a party) will not allow you to bulk sign within Outlaw. This option will be grayed and you will see the below message when trying to select. See Step 2 to update your permission to signer.

Note #2: Prior to utilizing batch signing, it is paramount that a user has read and verified the contracts they are signing for their content and accuracy.

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