Outlaw Training Links
Written by Sarah O'Neill
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Please utilize the below links watch our recording Outlaw Training Videos. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to your Account Executive or Account Manager.

  1. The Outlaw Basics training will give foundational knowledge of the below aspects of Outlaw

    1. The Outlaw Dashboard

    2. Five steps of the deal flow

    3. Viewing and managing your contracts

    4. Searching and filtering your contracts

  2. The Outlaw Template Editor training will give advanced knowledge into building and customizing your templates

    1. Create new templates

    2. Format sections, clauses and paragraphs

    3. Create/manage dynamic elements

    4. Add advanced tools like appendices and auto-signing

  3. The Filevine Document Assembly training will provide knowledge around connecting and creating linked .vine documents to better utilize document generation within Filevine

    1. Connecting Templates

    2. Creating Templates

    3. Running Templates

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