There are now two ways to pull in data from Filevine collection sections into Outlaw using connected variables: Repeater sections and collection section generated tables.

Collection Section Tables with Connected Variables

How to Create within Draft:

  1. Within your template, begin typing in the [ to quick select the connected variable option or utilize the [+ syntax.

  2. From here, you are able to type in the name of the collection section you are looking for - the individual fields from this section will not yet appear

  3. Once your section is selected, click the "Configure" option to choose your column headers

    1. You have the option to update the Data Type of these items pulling in from Filevine

How to Update within Flow:

Connected Variable tables generated out of collection sections do not have the option to set a syncing cadence and will default to a one-time sync. There are two methods to updating these within Flow.

  1. Users will have the option to edit the table in-place within the Flow module. This will not update Filevine. To edit, click the ellipses next to the desired row for updating and select "Edit row"

2. Users also have the option to Re-import the data in Flow by selecting "Re-import data" option under the ellipses. This re-importing will override any update information within the table with the existing information that is within Filevine.

Repeater Sections with Connected Variables

Repeater sections are a great way to have collection section data pulled into an Outlaw template and repeated for each collection item.

How to add a Repeater section in Draft:

  1. Once your template is connected, navigate to the new Section menu and insert in a Repeater section

  2. Once a Repeater section is selected, select your desired Filevine Collection section

  3. In order to enter in the available fields from the collection section, utilize the {symbol in your desired Prose

    1. Your Prose can contain Party or Variable elements as well

    2. Your selected collection fields are able to be updated for Data Type/Formatting by either clicking on the field or accessing the "Configure" option under the setup menu for the Repeater section

Repeater Sections in Flow

Repeater sections can be edited within Flow if necessary by either clicking into the item or by selecting the ellipses and choosing the "Edit section" option. These items do not sync with Filevine and updates will remain in Outlaw.

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