A key feature of utilizing connected variables within Outlaw is the ability to sync the variables once, one-way and bi-directionally between Filevine & Outlaw.

Once you have been able to add in your connected variables within draft, you have 4 options for syncing these variables between Filevine & Outlaw.

  1. Once - Items from Filevine will only sync upon initial contract creation. For Repeater sections, Once is the only available syncing option

  2. Pull - When the specific connected field in Filevine is updated, this will update within the Outlaw generated contract in Flow

  3. Push - When the connected field in Outlaw is updated, this will update within your connected Filevine project

  4. Bidirectional - Changes on either the Filevine or Outlaw side will be reflected in the opposite platform in the connected field

What if I don't want my variables to sync?

If you do not wan't your variables to continue to sync, be sure to select the Once option for the Remote Sync setting. This will only bring over information from Filevine upon initial contract creation.

Re-Syncing Collection Section Tables

Collection section Tables will only have the option to set "Remote Sync" as Once within the Draft Module. However, users have the option to either edit these in place once in Flow or they are able to opt to "Re-import Data".

To Note: Re-importing the data will clear and overwrite the existing rows in the contract/edits that have been made.

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