💡 Themes are enabled by default for each Team.

💡 Did you know individual sections styles can be overridden in Draft. Learn more

Creating a Custom Theme

From the Teams page, click on the 'Themes' tab and tap the 'New Theme' button.

Give your theme a name and description. And choose to either base it on the standard Outlaw or Traditional theme as a starting point for your theme. Tap the 'Save', then on your newly created theme, tap 'Edit styles'.

💡 Checking the Set as default setting will apply the custom theme to all new Templates within the same team.

Customize Theme

The user interface for theme customization is shown below. Simply select a Template Item on the left hand side, modify its Properties using the Preview space below. Hovering over each Template Item will describe it in more detail.

📄 For customization of Margins, Borders, and Line Numbers, read our dedicated help file on Customizing Theme Page Items.

Each Template Item has the following properties:




  • Times New Roman

  • Arial

  • Georgia

  • Courier

  • Helvetica


  • 8pt - 24pt (0.5pt increments)

Line Spacing

  • 1.0x - 3.0x (0.5x increments)


  • Bold

  • Italic

  • Underline


  • Hex values accepted


  • Left

  • Center

  • Right

  • Justified

Once each Template Item has had it's properties modified, edit a Template within the same team, in the sidebar, tap on the Page tab, where you'll find the Theme dropdown. Apply the custom theme to the template, the theme should apply instantly to your template.

Once applied, all new documents generated from that template will be applied with the custom theme.

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