The Filevine Outlaw native connection combines your Filevine data with Outlaw’s template editor, enabling faster, more customized document generation and automation. With this connection, you can set up Outlaw templates to auto-populate Filevine data, view and send Outlaw templates from within Filevine, and easily add Filevine contacts as signers.

💡 To integrate Filevine and Outlaw, contact your Filevine or Outlaw sales representative.

Connecting your Outlaw Template to your Filevine Project Template (within Draft)

Step 1: Navigate to the Manage Template Settings gear and select "Connections"

Step 2: Select the respective Filevine Project Template and Section - section should match the desired section where the Filevine Outlaw widget exists

Step 3 (Optional): Set the Proofing ID as a specific Project ID in Filevine to have the ability to preview the document utilizing a specific project's information

Connecting your Outlaw Template to your Filevine Project Template (within Flow)

Step 1: Once you have generated your document within Flow (Contracts Tab), navigate to the ellipses on the right-hand side of the screen and select Connections

Step 2: Once in the Connections window, select Filevine. as the Connection Type and then enter in the Filevine Project ID - this connects your specific Outlaw Document to that project

Step 3 (Optional): If needing to connect to a specific Project Section, enter in the Section ID from Filevine into the SectionID box

Creating an Outlaw Widget and Generating a Document in Filevine

For more information on how to create an Outlaw Widget within Filevine and generating a document, please see the following article.

Customizing your Documents with Connected Variables, Syncing, Repeaters and Table Sections

To customize your connected Outlaw templates, please see the below linked articles.

Type of Variable or Section

Use Case

Connected Variables - [+fv]

Should be used when wanting to connect an Outlaw Variable and a Filevine field and enable one time, bi-directional or single-direction syncing.


Repeaters should be used when looking to bring in specific fields from all items in Filevine collection section into an Outlaw document utilizing a uniformed prose.

Collection Table

Collection tables should be used to display specific fields from all items in a Filevine collection section in a table view

For more helpful articles regarding template creation and executing deals in Outlaw, please navigate your our help site, linked here.

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