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To configure page-specific items within a theme, tap the Page tab of the Edit Styles theme modal. Once here, you'll see the following page items are customizable:

Customizable Item


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Distance from page edges to bounding box of text.

Page line numbers
Typically used for court-mandated documents
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Numbers that run down the left-hand-side of the page.

Page line numbers can customized in the following ways:

  • Off

  • Reset every page

  • Continuous

Once enabled, the style can be configured in the General tab of Themes.

Also known as Pleading Lines
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Customizable as a single or double stroke that runs from one edge of the page to the other.

  • Width 1px or 2px)

  • Style Single or double stroke

  • From # edge Distance from edge of page.

Customizing Margins

Changing the width of Margins will effect the distance from page edges to bounding box of text. Min and max ranges are set to ensure that content appears correctly.

Customizing Page Line Numbers

Page line numbers are typically used for court-mandated documents like Pleadings, or Letters. Once enabled, choose the style Restart every page or Continuous.

To customize Page Line Number formatting, e.g., font, size, line-height etc, jump to the General tab and a Line numbers item will appear at the bottom. This can be styled like the other Template Items.

šŸ¤” Q: Why don't the page line numbers go all the way down the page when viewing in the Outlaw app?
šŸ’” A: Page line numbers will render correctly once exported PDF file (once converted to an actual document).

šŸ¤” Q: "I need to show 26 line numbers running down my page when I export to PDF, but Iā€™m only seeing 22."
šŸ’” A: Try one or more of the tweaks below:

  • Decrease Margins for the top and bottom (on the Theme Page tab)

  • Adjust Line Numbering font size (on the Theme Page tab)

  • Adjust Line Numbering line-height (on the Theme General tab)

Customizing Borders (Pleading lines)

Borders can be toggled on/off and their style be customized. View the illustration below to see how the borders have been configured.

šŸ’” Pro tip: Ensure that the border from # edge is less than the Margin width on the same side.
Margin left is 1.0" / Border: From left edge (should be less than or equal to) 0.9"

Testing our your theme

To see the changes made on a Theme, ensure your Theme is applied to a Template.

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