💡 This article assumes knowledge of Themes and applying them to your templates. Learn more.

To change the font formatting of an individual section within Draft

While editing a template, select the section or clause that you'd like to modify. On the sidebar, Tap on the Section tab and then the Format sub-tab.

In this side panel theme properties relating to that section are made available to override the theme default for the selected section only.

Reset font formatting and revert to theme styling

When a section has had any of its font formatting properties modified (from the theme default) the section type will note that it has been changed. Simply tap the Reset button to revert to the default theme style set by the theme.

Theme items that can be overridden within Template editor

Theme + Section overrides

Theme formatting only

  • Paragraph Body

  • Paragraph Title

  • Heading 1, 2, 3 & 4

  • Appendix Title

  • Appendix Body

  • Signature Body

  • Overview Title

  • Overview Subtitle

  • Overview Body

  • Overview Numbering

  • Paragraph Numbering

  • Table variable

  • Letterhead text

  • Contract title

  • Line Numbering

  • Signature Title

💡 Important note: Formatting overrides can not be accessed within Flow.

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