🀷 Need help Configuring Inbound for one or more of your templates? Reach out to your Account Manager.

🚨 Important: Every time a user will hit an inbound URL, a new document will be generated, make sure that you don't make this URL public, this might flood your respository/vault if used inappropriately.

πŸ’‘ Did you know, you can use Inbound documents as an <iframe> within your app? Contact your account representative for more documentation.

To configure inbound on a template:

Within the template editor, tap on the settings modal (βš™οΈ icon), then tap on the Advanced tab. Look for Inbound contracts and tap the Enable button. Once enabled, related settings will appear.

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Description of Inbound settings:



Inbound Contracts

Toggle button

  • Enable/disable inbound functionality

Inbound URL

Unique URL

  • Accessing this URL will initiate a new contract from this template.

Inbound Party

Dropdown of parties defined within template

  • Users who initiate inbound contracts will be automatically assigned to this party.

  • Ensure parties are configured before

🚨 Important: Once Inbound is configured, ensure that there is at least 1 user from your team (role: owner) auto-added to the template. Remember to set the default user's party if they are a signer as well. Learn more about auto-adding users to template.

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