💡 Watermark/stamp feature is available on PDF export. (DOCX not supported)

Set up in template

To begin, ensure you have the stamp or watermark you'd like to use. We recommend an image editing app like Canva to create your image.

Example image:

  • File format is PNG (transparent images supported)

  • Longest length 500px (suggested)

  • File size under 500KB


To Insert a watermark/stamp to a template:

In Draft, tap on the Pages tab and scroll to Watermark.

Drag/drop or select your watermark/stamp image using the file explorer.

Modify settings to get the watermark/image to appear as intended. (See table below for description of each setting)

In Draft (template editor) Tap the Preview as... then select PDF to preview document with watermark/stamp.





  • Top left

  • Top center

  • Top Right

  • Middle left

  • Middle center

  • Middle right

  • Bottom left

  • Bottom center

  • Bottom right

Aligns watermark/stamp to area of page.


  • -90º

  • 0º (default)

  • -90º


  • Extra Small

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

  • Extra Large

Output to

  • All pages

  • Custom

Specify which page watermark/stamp will be output to.

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