When creating or editing templates, it is possible to include an "overview" layer. Overviews can play a variety of roles, including summarizing key content, providing a cover letter, or offering recipients directions for next steps in the deal process.

If toggled on, the overview appears on the right-hand side of the template editor split-screen:

All legal content (text included in the contract) should be included on the the full-text (left) side, while the overview side can be used to highlight important deal information and put legal jargon into plain English.  Important note:  the overview is not legally incorporated into the agreement.

Benefits to including overviews

Outlaw creates the smoothest, most intuitive deal flow when an Overview is included, and when it contains all elements present in the full contract.  

Calling card

When someone receives a contract on Outlaw, if an overview has been added it's the first thing they'll see.  A spiffy-looking overview that includes helpful information or a friendly message from your team can really get the deal process off on the right foot!

Lightning-fast, error-free drafting

When variables are included in an overview, contract senders can quickly see at-a-glance all of the information that needs to be filled in to complete the draft. Open elements appear in blue, click-to-fill text, and "task" tabs appear to the left of each section where information is still needed:

Most importantly, when elements are filled-in within the overview, they auto-fill in the full contract text, making it possible to complete drafts in seconds and helping to avoid errors like sharing incomplete drafts with counterparties or approvers.

Section Linking

You can link overview content to its corresponding full-text sections, so that it's easy to refer back to the contract while looking at the overview.  Once sections have been linked, clicking on an overview section reveals the corresponding full-text sections below for instant reference:

Click here to learn how to link Overview sections.

Transparency is good business 

Overviews can be a great place to translate your deal's legalese into plain English, to provide directions for filling out the documents, or answer common questions. Counterparties will love this, getting the deal process started off on the right foot--and you'll be spared delays that result from incomplete or incorrect paperwork!

No, overviews are not legally required; but we believe that increasing transparency improves your deal process and makes reaching agreement as enjoyable as it should be

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