Once an edit has been suggested with red lines, other editors may review these changes and either approve or reject them:

When a user taps to review changes, suggested additions appear highlighted in green and deletions appear highlighted in red. Click each edit to either "approve" or "reject" it:


Clicking "approve" adopts the change (deleted text will disappear, and added text will appear in black). Pressing the "Save" button confirms the change.


Clicking"reject" means the suggested edit will not be adopted, but red lines will not simply disappear. If the suggested change was an addition (green), it will now become a deletion (red), and vice versa.

This is because a rejected edit means agreement has not been reached.  The issue is still being negotiated.  Therefore, a rejected addition is treated as a deletion, and a rejected deletion is treated as an addition.  In this way, the platform allows parties to continue negotiating the unresolved point.

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