Users shared on a contract with Editor permission or higher may edit contract sections without creating red-lines.  

To edit contract text, click on any contract section to open the editing window for that section.

By default, red-lines (tracked changes) are toggled ON. This means when you add or remove text your changes will appear visibly tracked to anyone currently shared on the contract (including any counter-parties).

Red-lines also trigger a required approval flow, meaning that another user will have to review your changes -- so if you want to directly edit text without triggering an approval flow, toggle red-lines OFF before making changes.

Note that users with Proposer permission level will not be able to toggle red-lines off.

If you create a red-line by accident, as long as you haven't "Saved" your changes yet, you can click on the edit and choose "undo" to remove the red-line:

Then toggle red-lines off and continue editing as desired. With red-lines off, text can be added or removed freely. Make sure to click "Save" when you're done editing:

Note that elements (the words in gray in the image above) typically should not be edited here, since they are dynamic and can be easily updated simply by clicking on them in the contract.  Elements modified or deleted in the editing screen will lose their dynamic abilities, which could make e-signing more difficult and will prevent your elements from capturing data.

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