** NOTE:  this article discusses how to quickly and efficiently share contracts within Outlaw's cloud-based platform; but you can always send a contract via email. Simply export your deal to Microsoft Word or PDF! **

Contracts are shared in the Manage Users Panel, which opens at upper right of the contract screen: 

Share with existing user

If the person with whom you want to share is already listed in the panel (as in the above example) check to make sure their user role and permissions are set appropriately then click "share." 

You may choose to share via email notification or to generate a sharing link to copy and paste:

Add and share with a new user

To share with someone who is not already listed in the users panel, first add this person as a new user. Click the "add user" icon at the top of the panel:

To share internally (with one or more people on your Team) choose "Add teammates" and click a teammate's name to instantly share this contract with them:

To share with a new external user (a counter party, attorney, or anyone else) chose "share directly" to use default user role and permissions (Non-signer, Viewer), or to customize user role and permissions choose "Add before sharing." Then, make the appropriate permission/role selections and click "share."

NOTE:  Only contract "Owners" can set user roles and permissions as described above. Users with lower permission levels will only have the option to "share directly":

Notifications on Bounced or Blocked Emails

1. Who receives the notifications:

The Outlaw user who shared will receive an email notification if any emails were bounced/blocked by the receiver. It can take a few minutes after sharing for any notifications to populate

2. Bounced vs Blocked:

Dropped - the receiving server "dropped" it before it reached the recipient and no reason was given, which can mean many things - the sending domain or address may be blocked, there was an internal error, it was detected as spam, etc.

Bounced - invalid email or domain, it was never received

3. Notifications within Outlaw:

  • The Vault (repository) will show a bounced/blocked notification next to each party in the Party column

  • The Users button inside the contract will show a red dot, and the expanded user list will show bounced/blocked notifications for each party as relevant. You will also see the option to "Retry" sharing.

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