Negotiating and signing deals on Outlaw's platform is super easy! Reviewing these key terms will help you get started.

Sharing and Access

Share a contract with someone in your organization any time!

  • Share a contract - To give another person access to a contract via email or link.

  • Manage Users Panel - Location where contracts are shared. The panel opens at upper right of contract screen (person icon):

  • Export - Convert an Outlaw contract to a PDF or Word document. This can be done any time by opening the contract Settings and choosing Export:

User Permissions

New users you invite to a contract are assigned the permission level of "Viewer" and won't be able to edit or suggest changes. To request a higher level of access from the contract Owner (the person who shared the deal with you) refer to these permissions levels:

  • Viewer - User who can view a contract but cannot edit it. Viewer is the default permission level for users who are not signing on behalf of a party.

  • Signer - Default permission level for a user who is identified as a signer for one side of a deal. This permission can be raised higher (ex. to Proposer) and this user will still be able to sign the document.

  • Proposer - User who can propose changes to a contract (create red-lines) and can approve/reject red-lines created by others.

  • Editor - User with global editing permission on a contract.

Deal Phases

Contracts move through 5 phases on Outlaw's platform, from creation to closing.

  • Set Up - This phase ends when all required information is filled in. Users will not be able to sign until all required information is completed. If blue task tabs appear at left, this means there is still some information to complete!

  • Review - This phase includes all negotiation and commenting, and ends when all negotiation points are resolved.

  • Sign - E-signing is enabled once all negotiation points are resolved. Signatures can be cleared during this phase as long as the other parties haven't signed yet.

  • Done - When all parties have signed, the contract is legally binding and can no longer move backward in the deal flow.

Happy Closing!

Now that you know a little about how Outlaw works, signing is just around the corner!ย 

Want more info? Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to review, share and sign deals.

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