When a contract is shared with someone on Outlaw, the recipient may access the contract using one of a few different log in methods:

If the recipient chooses the option "Continue as Guest" as shown above, it will be possible to re-share the contract with this user any time in the Manage Users Panel:

Re-sharing creates a new path to the deal for this user by generating a new email notification or contract sharing link to copy/paste.

If the recipient uses any of the other sign in methods to access the contract, you will not see this option to re-share the contract in the Manage Users Panel. This is because this user already has ongoing access to this deal, so they don't need anyone to actively share it with them again. If this user wants to re-visit the deal, all they need to do is sign back in using the login information they provided previously.

Why does it work like this?

When a contract recipient signs in with Google, SSO, or email address and password, it's like they picked up a spare key you left for them under your welcome mat. Once they pick up the key, you no longer have it to give to them, and they can use it to get in whenever they want!

How can someone who "lost their keys" get back in?

The easiest way to re-share a deal with a user who already signed in but can't find their way back to a deal is to remove then re-add this user in the Manage Users Panel:

Once you re-add the user, you'll have the option to share the deal again.

Note that even after you remove and readd a user, even though you've provided them with a fresh link they might continue to be routed to the old "dead" path to the deal if their web browser is caching data without them realizing it. To avoid this, users should access re-shared deals in an incognito/private window so no old data gets dragged along for the ride!

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