To create a unique contract that is a copy of another deal in your contract repository, click the three dots at upper right of the contract screen and choose "Duplicate contract."

This action is very similar to the "Save As" feature of programs like Microsoft Word.

Before the contract is copied, you will have the opportunity to select options for configuring the duplicate, including:

  • Keep variable data - If this option is checked, the new contract will generate with all dynamic fields filled in with the data entered in the previous deal (fields remain dynamic, so any specific field can still be quickly updated manually).

  • Keep users - If this option is checked, users on the previous contract automatically have access to the new deal with whatever permissions they had on the previous one. These users' permissions on the new deal can still be managed as usual in the Users Panel.

  • Keep version history - If checked, the new contract will import existing red-lines (open negotiation points) and the new contract's version history will reflect previous section edits. 

Who can duplicate a contract?

Any "Owner" of the contract being copied

When can duplication occur?

During any contract stage (Setup through Done)

How do I share a duplicated contract?

If "Keep users" option is unchecked, add and share with new users as usual in the Manage Users Panel.

If "Keep users" option is checked, you don't have to add these users again or share to give them access.  Copied users will not receive an email notification with a new sharing link, so these users should sign in at to view the new contract in their deal repository.  If a user doesn't have an account because they accessed the original deal as a guest, a "re-share" option appears next to their name in the Users Panel, which can be used to generate a new sharing link.

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