One location for all your documents

PDF batch upload offers complete visibility for your entire contract collection by ensuring that all of your deals, both current and historic, are accessible in a single location: your Outlaw account!

Powerful data-driven insights

Outlaw enhances the process often referred to as "legacy migration" by allowing customers to define fields for collection of meta-data, so that information contained in legacy contracts is included when running reports and generating key data metrics.

Here's How

Batch upload is currently available upon request. Our Customer Success team can help you get started with batch upload, so contact us to discuss what you'd like to accomplish with this feature.

Once batch upload has been enabled, a few components need to be prepared prior to import. The video above discusses each step in detail. In summary:

  1. Create a template with party and variable elements to capture key data.

  2. Download "boilerplate" spreadsheet file containing columns for all template variables.

  3. Enter data into spreadsheet rows (one contract per row). Most columns are optional, but "_filename" is required. File name MUST have .pdf at the end of it and match exactly (punctuation, spelling, capital/lowercase) of the pdf.

  4. Upload completed spreadsheet and drop in matching PDF files.

Want to learn more? Contact us to get started!

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