How public sharing works

When public sharing is enabled, anyone who has access to a deal on Outlaw can copy and paste the deal's URL (for example, into an email), and anyone who clicks the link will land directly on the deal without being asked to sign in. This link can be passed around to others (for example, in a forwarded email) and anyone who clicks the link will have unimpeded access to viewing the deal.

Note that because public link sharing is not user-specific, deals shared via public link are read-only. User permissions cannot be assigned to anonymous users.

When someone clicks a public link to a deal, they see a message explaining that they're viewing a read-only version of the deal. If they need a higher level of access (signing, editing, etc.), they can request additional access from the contract Owner:

When someone requests access, the contract Owner(s) receives an email notification alerting them to the need for a user-specific invitation to be extended to a particular person. This user can then be added and their invitation extended using the platform's secure, user-specific invitation system (in the Manage Users Panel).

Enabling public sharing

Enable public link sharing at either the template or contract level.  

In the template editor, find this option in the "General" tab of the "Settings" menu; in the contract review environment, find it in the "Users and Guests" tab of the "Settings" menu.

A note on security

Because security is often the paramount concern with contracts, Outlaw has built-in tools for securely sharing contracts via user-specific invite.  But when speed and ease-of-access are of equal or even greater importance, public link sharing can be a great option, as long as users remain aware that public links are just that:  public.  When this feature is enabled, anyone with a contract URL can view your deal.

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