Once you share a contract with someone on Outlaw, the option to re-share (send a new notification/link) will be visible in the Manage Users panel until the recipient logs in to view the contract for the first time.

After the recipient logs in to view the contract for the first time, the option to re-share disappears because the recipient now has continued, independent access to the deal -- that is, you don't need to re-share the contract with them because they already have access to it on their own.

This is because when the contract recipient logs in to view a deal, they create a free limited Outlaw account (typically via Google or Microsoft SSO). The contract recipient can sign into this free limited account any time to view the deal, no re-share required!

How can a recipient log in by themselves?

Recipients can log in by clicking links in email notifications they receive from Outlaw about milestones in the deal process, such as notification that an edit has been made or that a deal is ready to sign:

When they receive a notification and click "Review Contract" they land on a log in page where they can enter their login information (the info they provided initially through Google, Microsoft SSO, or unique password).

If a recipient deletes or did not receive an email notification (always good idea to check the spam filter!) they can simply visit app.getoutlaw.com to log in. The contract will be sitting in their account waiting for them :)

Why does the option to "re-share" appear for some users but not others?

Some users will continue to have the "re-share" option next to their names in the Manage Users panel, even after they view the deal. This is because recipients only create a free limited account if they log in to view a contract. If they "continue as guest" at initial sign on, they do NOT create an account.

Accessing a contract as a guest looks like this:

When a recipient accesses a contract as a guest as shown above, they do not create a free account and therefore do not have continued, independent access to the deal. For this reason the option to re-share with this user remains present.

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