To affix a legal e-signature on an uploaded contract (PDF/third party paper) that is ready to sign, open the contract and click the "add signature field" icon:

If you have already associated a template with the uploaded contract (recommended deal flow) the system will know the names of the Parties entering the agreement (ex. "Customer" and "Company") and you can simply select which Party you are adding a signature field for:

If you have NOT associated a template with the uploaded contract, you can add the desired Party names for e-signature by clicking "Add new party" and entering the name of one or more e-signing Parties:

Important note: do NOT fill in here the name of the specific company entering this contract (e.g. "Best Co, Inc."). Instead, fill in here the generic name for this side of the deal, as in "Customer," Vendor," "Buyer," "Seller," etc.

The name of the specific person and company entering this deal should be entered in the Users panel (see section below, "Supply Party Info").

Place Signature Field

After selecting a Party (or adding a new one), click to place the signature field in the document where you want this Party to sign:

Add Extra Fields

If you need to add some additional fields to prepare the signature block such as date or position title, use "add variable field" icon:

Click to place and fill additional fields in the text as needed:

Supply Party Info and Share with Signers

Next, identify the specific individuals who are e-signing this contract, and if applicable, the companies they are signing on behalf of.

To do this, open the Users panel (person icon at upper right) and add a new user, choosing the "Add before sharing" option.

Click the dots next to the new user's name and choose "Edit" to fill in the information you want to capture (required fields Signer Name and Email, and if applicable, Company Name).

Then, select this user's Party from the first drop-down menu under their name (the Party names you entered earlier or which come from your associated template will be displayed here as options):

To send a user an invitation to e-sign the contract, click "Share" beneath their user entry to share via email or link.

Update Contract Status

Once the deal is mutually executed, adjust deal status to "Done" using the drop down menu at upper left:

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