You can change the signer on an agreement if you are:

  • Currently designated as the signer for one of the Parties on an agreement; or

  • Shared on the contract with "Owner" user permission

Current Signers

If you are the currently-designated signer but you want to transfer this signing authorization to someone else in your organization, click "Actions" next to your name in the signature field, and then choose "Change signer":

Next, enter contact information for the person who should become the signer. At minimum, you will need to provide their Full Name (Box 1) and Email address (Box 2):

We suggest filling in any other known information (Company Name, the signer's Title, business Address and Phone) in Boxes 3-6, but these fields are not required.

Press "Save" to store the new signer's information.

Finally, click "Actions" and "Share with user" to send this person an email notification at the email address provided:

Once you've done this, an email notification is on its way to the new signer to let them know they've got a deal to review and sign!

For Contact Owners

Users who are shared on a contract with "Owner" permission may change authorized signers (everything described above) for both Parties, not just Parties they are associated with.

This can be done in the "Actions" menu as described above, or in the Contract Users panel by adjusting any user's role and permission.

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