While many parts of the contract process are standard and repeatable, we know in the real world deal processes are unique and dynamic! That's why we've made it easy to add files to your contract on Outlaw, so no matter what comes up, you can keep it moving and get to closing.

Upload an Attachment

With a contract open, find the paper clip icon to open the Attachments panel:

Users with Editor or Owner level permission on a contract can attach a file by clicking the "New Attachment" button in the panel, then selecting a file from their device to upload (accepted file types include pdf, jpg, png, jpg, docx, json, or xlsx).

Editors and Owners may also remove uploaded attachments from the contract, or edit attachment metadata by clicking the three dots next to the file in the panel:

Download Attachments

After a file is uploaded, it is stored in the Attachments panel. Any user shared on a contract (any permission level) can download an attachment by clicking on the file name to automatically download the file to their device.

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